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     第3問A  語句補充問題 3点×2問=6点 (目標時間3分)
    (1)01年 追試験
    Seeing wild bears in the wild can be one of the most memorable experiences on camping trips in national parks. 29 it can also be a dangerous one if care is not taken. Some campers make foolish mistakes. For example, they get out of their cars to take a snapshot or even try to feed the bears. 30 , acting like this toward wild bears can turn an enjoyable vacation into a tragedy.

      ① Nor   ② Otherwise  ③ Therefore  ④ Yet

      ① Meanwhile  ② Namely  ③ Shortly  ④ Unfortunately

    (2)00年 本試験
    The ancient Romans believed that the right side of the body was the good side, 30 the left side held evil spirits. Their word for “right”, dexter, gave us dexterous, which means “skillful”, whereas their word for “left”, sinister, means “evil” or “wicked”. This may have created nagative attitudes toward left-handedness.
    But today, left-handedness is becoming more and more acceptable in society, and is even considered advantageous in some sports. 31 , left-handed people do not have to feel “left out” any more.

     ① instead  ② otherwise 
     ③ unless   ④ while

     ① Because of this   ② Beginning with this
     ③ Nonetheless     ④ Unfortunately

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     第3問B  文整序 5点×2問=10点 (目標時間6分)
    (1)97年 本試験
    To stay healthy, we should maintain a balance between physical and mental play ― the play of the body and of the mind. ( ) As a result, we may begin to lose our physical health.

    A. By the time we are adults, we may stop participating in physical play altogether.
    B. As we get older, however, our games are likely to involve more mental than physical activity.
    C. When we are very young children, we use our bodies a lot when we play.

    ① A-B-C ② A-C-B ③ B-A-C ④ B-C-A ⑤ C-A-B ⑥ C-B-A

    (2)04年 本試験
    Interpol is an international police organization that promotes cooperation among more than 180 nations to fight against international crime. Unlike the image created in films and TV movies, Interpol agents do not travel freely from country to country, arresting criminals here and there. ( ) In this way, member countries help one another within the limits of their own laws.

    A. No country would be happy to see these agents ignore its laws.
    B. Such information is gathered from the police of the member nations.
    C. What Interpol basically does is to send information on criminals over its telecommunications network.

    ① A-B-C ② A-C-B ③ B-A-C ④ B-C-A ⑤ C-A-B ⑥ C-B-A

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    (3)00年 追試験
     The smile may no longer be an effective way to mask one’s true feelings.
    ( ) If the psychologists’ claim is proven to be true, perhaps people will worry less about what they say and more about which muscles to use when they smile.

    A. For example, in the true smile, the muscles surrounding the eyes tighten, while the cheek muscles pull the corners of the lips upward.
    B. On the other hand, in the false smile, the muscles between the eyebrows move slightly, while the muscles around the mouth pull the corners of the lips downward.
    C. Some psychologists have claimed that true smiles and false smiles use different muscles.

    ① A-B-C ② A-C-B ③ B-A-C ④ B-C-A ⑤ C-A-B ⑥ C-B-A

    (4)97年 追試験
     Wolves have an interesting way of raising their young. When a female wolf is ready to give birth, she digs a hole. (  ) Then instead of the mother, another female will stay behind to guard the young wolves.

    A. When she is taking care of these babies, other wolves bring her food.
    B. After they get a little older, the mother can leave them while she goes off to hunt with other members of the group.
    C. Within this hole, she has her babies.

    ① A-B-C ② A-C-B ③ B-A-C ④ B-C-A ⑤ C-A-B ⑥ C-B-A

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     第3問C  文補充問題 6×3=18点 (目標時間6分)
    <練習問題> 02年 本試験

     What would you do if you wanted to learn about something? A traditional way is to go to your bookshelf, pick up a dictionary or encyclopedia, and start turning pages. Now, however, you can turn on your computer, connect it to the Internet and start its search program. You just type in the keyword(s), click “search” and soon you will have what you are looking for.

     It seems as if anything you want to know can be found on the Internet. ① The range of information you can find on the Net varies from gossip, to news, to the most advanced technological findings. Furthermore, the information is always fresh. ② It seems we do not need to “know” or “remember” anything except how to get information from the Net. Or at least, there is no longer any need for the shelf space to hold those volumes of encyclopedias.

     What is being lost, though, is the joy of discovery. In many ways an Internet search is like a package tour, on which you generally know where you are going and see only what the tour organizer has selected. Similarly, what you find in the Internet search is controlled by the site’s owner or is the result of a computer program. ③ On the other hand, turning the pages of an encyclopedia, as you look up an entry, is more like wandering through a forest. ④ This may stir up a new interest, which will eventually lead you into a totally different topic.

     The word “encyclopedia” originally meant “general or well-rounded education”. ⑤ With a traditional encyclopedia, this well-roundedness may be achieved by the discoveries readers make by turning the pages. In comparison, heading straight to the target word through a series of clicks on a computer is rather linear. ⑥

    30 New information is constantly added, past files are re-written, andnews reports are broadcast as they come in. 31 This suggests that technological changes in the methods of getting information may limit the opportunities for learning.  32 You may accidentally find something interesting in the entry just next to the one you have been looking for.

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